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03 Juin 2016 – Performance Marketing – Genève

Du multicanal à l’omnicanal, les processus de transformation expliqués par des études de cas.

La puissance des données et de l’analytique, prenez vos décisions stratégiques grâce à des informations et des insights de haute qualité.

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Rejoignez-nous à la conférence Performance Marketing le 3/06/16 au showrrom de TESLA.

Programme et inscription ici.

27 August 2015 – Cross-selling in a B2B environment

Cross-selling in a B2B environment is a complex process. You need to get your strategy right, make sure your products and offerings are tailored for cross-selling, empower your organisation and make sure sales people have the right skills, set up the right performance process and rewards and align internal processes and data to support all of this.

18 September 2015 – The Future of CRM – crossing all borders

Our guest speaker Hans Similon, Chief Viking and Evangelist at Mobile Vikings, shared his vision on the future of CRM and how sharing customer data across industries can lead to enhanced customer experiences.

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