Whitepaper: smart energy as a growth strategy for utilities

A growth strategy for the new energy world

3 million customers: can it be done?

Is it possible to attract and retain 3 million energy consumers in The Netherlands? This seems challenging for the 3 major incuments. First of all, they would need to retain their existing base of roughly 2 million customers each. Next, they would need to grow their customer base with another 1 million consumers. Because this seems challenging, the question becomes: can one of them break away and reach the 3 million threshold, either through growing the existing brand or multiple ventures?

Industry disruption leads to opportunities, and in the energy industry these opportunities seem to be sustainability and digital. While energy companies know this, they still seem to struggle with how to translate these opportunities into a strategy for growth. Specifically, how they can use these opportunities to attract and retain more customers.

About the whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we address the 4 key domains that could lead to profitable growth in the new energy world. They are:

  1. A clear vision and strategy
  2. A portfolio of innovative, tailored propositions and ventures
  3. Best practice customer excellence; and
  4. Solid execution

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