Customer Service: a survey-based comparison of customer expectations and companies’ strategies

What we did

How do customers experience the service of their bank, energy supplier or telecom provider? How do they prefer to contact such companies, and what is their view on the digitalization of customer service? Hedera Consulting and Hedera Insights have conducted a customer service survey on these topics. We also checked to what extent companies in these industries share the same insights.

Our findings

Our survey confirms that excellent customer service is a key differentiator for business growth. It triggers customers to buy more, whereas companies who underperform in this area will simply lose customers – in spite of costly efforts to gain them. We see that customers aren’t always happy about delivered services and that interaction with them regarding their needs can be improved.

When defining the optimal service channel mix within their overall strategy, companies should realize that classic’ channels like call centers still earn their attention and can be optimized to help the customer in the most efficient way. Next to this, further digitalization of customer service is inevitable and should focus on self-service, chat and proactive communication.

The role of social media is still limited, but companies should monitor social conversations and explore their potential as peer-to-peer support channels.

Most importantly, when investing in digital customer service initiatives, companies should not forget what’s most important: customers should always adopt these initiatives.

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Read more about this survey and the results below, or download the PDF.



hedera-adminCustomer Service: a survey-based comparison of customer expectations and companies’ strategies

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