Big Data & Data Warehousing on Azure training

As a partner of Microsoft, Hedera Insights has the opportunity to attend exclusive trainings.
Feburary 26-28 two of our colleagues took this opportunity to follow the Big Data & Data Warehousing on Azure training provided by Microsoft to their partners.

During these three days Microsoft explained how the Azure platform can be used to create SQL databases and data warehouses to save the data created in Databricks, which is a cloud-platform that is fully integrated into the Microsoft Azure-platform.

Besides all necessary configurations, the training also showed how to use the Databricks environment to build machine learning models and use ML transformers and estimators for the NLP pipeline in Spark.

Using these skills, our consultants will be able to deliver an even better end-to-end analytical solution to our clients.

hedera-adminBig Data & Data Warehousing on Azure training