Young Graduates first week at the office

November was an exciting month for the young graduates, containing their first week in the Kontich office. They arrived rested, tanned and fresh from Valladolid and were eager to start their journey at Hedera.

We came back from Spain as a group of friends, mainly due to the introduction of padel in our lives.” – Michiel Baets

They started their training week at the office with “Methodology”, in which they were trained by gurus Filip and Deborah. The following day more hordes were thrown at the young graduates. Kristof, Ine, Filip and Sarah were sent to instruct the grads further. Concepts such as analytics, marketing, innovation and omni-channel are not unknown anymore thanks to these tutors.

It quickly became clear that Hedera’s culture is very open-minded and amicable, which makes working here really enjoyable.” – Cristiaan De Ridder


After this, it was time for the “Functional Domains” test for the young Hederians. Utilities, Banking, Insurance and Retail were all covered by the masters Bert, Christophe, Axel and Wendy respectively. Nick was also thrown in the mix to instruct the younglings how to actually talk to people through powerpoints.

It was really nice to experience trainings from senior consultants within Hedera, who freed up time from their projects to educate us.” – Stijn Verleye

After this first week of intense training, the young grads were awarded a medal in the form of participation in their first Thirstday, which they thoroughly enjoyed.
Now each and every one of them is crawling back into their cave called “the bench” where they are preparing for a storm…

It is clear that Hedera gives us the freedom and possibilities the develop ourselves.” – Lukas De Vos (Insights)



hedera-adminYoung Graduates first week at the office