Hedera offers consulting and analytics services in growth strategy, innovation, marketing, sales and customer service.
As entrepreneurs, we start our own ventures and accelerate corporate venturing programs.
We support growth realization with portfolio, project and change management.

Hedera Consulting

Hedera Insights


We believe the challenge is as much in identifying growth as it
is in realizing growth in a sustainable way.

Hedera Consulting
  • Identifying opportunities

    Growth strategy, customer segmentation and market sizing. We deliver a clear outline to realize growth – not a theoretical presentation.

  • Capturing opportunities

    Lead and demand generation, omni-channel management, and digital transformation. We develop tangible action plans to win customers and new markets.

  • Sustainable growth

    Project management, operational excellence, and customer service optimization. We make growth sustainable by weaving it into your organization’s DNA.


Collecting data is just the start.
In the end, it’s about making strategic decisions based on high-quality information.

Hedera Insights
  • From a fragmented to a holistic view

    We assist you in the governance and integration of your data, the set-up of the appropriate data architecture and the development of business processes for data quality and master data management.

  • From data to insights

    We get to the essence of your data, disclosing patterns and trends, making predictive and prescriptive models and selecting the right visualizations to let your data speak for itself.

  • From insights to actions

    We translate insights into specific actions by integrating them into alerts, systems, and business processes.

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