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The client was a worldwide technology company looking to make the cloud their core business. Hedera was asked to help several subsidiaries across the Middle East and Africa develop detailed go-to-market plans and market share ambitions.

Type of project

Developing a growth strategy can be a time consuming process. Hedera used an efficient approach in which we collected inputs from market data, customers and resellers, and then co-created a growth strategy with the local sales teams.

The challenge

  • As the cloud computing market formed, it was necessary for the client to claim a position, and understand the opportunity
  • It was not clear which customer segments, channels and scenarios to target
  • The new market required a fresh approach from the team: from a one-off sale, to a supported solution

What we did

  • Analyzed data to determine market size and segmentation
  • Collected customer and reseller insights through interviews and focus sessions
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy, including workshops with our client to determine the operational approach and requirements
  • Facilitated ambition agreement, i.e. commitment to a 3-year market ambition

The result

  • An estimation of the total market size today and 3 years from now
  • A realistic revenue and market share ambition
  • An overview of key customer segments and use scenarios
  • Insights into the main drivers, needs and concerns of end customers
  • A go-to-market plan

“I now have a 3 year ambition that I don’t need to convince my team of, because they felt as much ownership as I did.”

– Director Product Division

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