Online media


Our client is one of the largest media companies in Europe. They operate multi-platform and own some of the most popular websites in the Benelux.

Type of project

The big data project was part of a company-wide initiative. Hedera supported the development and implementation of 15 initiatives in the Netherlands.

The challenge

  • Client is strong in traditional media and needs to increase its presence online
  • One of the ways to do so is by becoming more relevant to customers
  • Doing so requires trigger-based marketing, self-learning targeting algorithms, and personalized content
  • The company wants ideas implemented quickly on a small scale, and leverage what works on a large scale

What we did

  • Realize quick wins within an existing campaign
  • Organize a brainstorm session, which resulted in a longlist of initiative ideas
  • Prioritize initiatives by determining the required effort and revenue potential per idea
  • Create project plans for each prioritized idea, set up measurement plan
  • Project management and analytics to deliver pilots for each initiative
  • Report results, learnings and recommendations

The result

  • Increased conversion rate: up to 14% end-of-funnel and 25% on personalized lead-follow up
  • Pilots could be scaled company wide
  • Identified a top-3 data concerns to be addressed for easier big data project implementations
  • Our approach allowed those with concerns about marketing automation and privacy to familiarize themselves with the concept and its benefits to end customers.

“Starting this project by boosting an existing campaign, meant real value was added right from the start”

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